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TU Delft Robotics Institute

TU Delft Robotics Institute
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  • DelFFi

    Within the Delfi program, DelFFi is the third satellite project. The project aims at utilizing innovative concepts, reliable methodologies and modern technologies to support the QB50 mission, which is a unique mission based on a global network of fifty…

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  • FireSwarm

    FireSwarm- a Dutch research project- strives to develop a swarm of affordable, autonomous and small unmanned aerial vehicles that can be used to monitor and detect fire in large natural areas, specifically at the Noor-Holland dune areas.

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  • Zebro

    Zesbenige robot or Zebro is a Dutch Robotics project introduced by the Technical University of Delft. The robot is designed for educational purposes and the research and development of new control methodologies for complicated robot platforms.

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