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TU Eindhoven

TU Eindhoven
  • Netherlands
  • University
  • Robotics Developer



    AMIGO (Autonomous Mate for Intelligent Operations) is Tech United’s care robot that participates in the RoboEarth Project. Since it can perform human tasks like grasping objects and opening cupboards, AMIGO also helps the elderly with household chores.

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  • TUlip TUlip

    TUlip is a soccer playing humanoid robot created by the Dutch robot soccer team, Dutch Robotics. This lightweight and durable humanoid took part in the Robocup challenge.

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    TURTLE or Tech United RoboCup Team Limited Edition is a soccer robot that competes in the RoboCup Mid-Size League, involving a special soccer team with four player robots and one keeper robot. TURRTLE VERSION 5 is the most recent version with advanced…

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