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TU Eindhoven

TU Eindhoven
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  • The Technical University Eindhoven, or TUE is a research university that specializes in engineering science and technology. Just like the other two Netherlands-based technical universities, the TUE has a separate research institute for robotics.

    With the rapid development of robotics worldwide, this field of research at the university is also experiencing constant growth. The robotics research center is an interdepartmental project that combines the strengths of the different faculties to develop the best possible robot technology.

    The TUE is focusing on the cooperation between humans and robots, a field of robotics that still has many unsolved challenges. A major challenge is to meet the needs of the healthcare sector, which is at the receiving end of the majority of projects, due to the problem of an increasingly aging population. This aging population is the main cause of expensive healthcare problems that don’t have any “human” solutions at the moment.

    The TU EIndhoven is incvolved in several Robotics Projects:

    • Project Bobbie deals with the development of personal robotic versions of “care dogs.”
    • Project Ksera aims to create service robots for the elderly, which can help people with their regular chores while monitoring physical conditions.
    • Project Piton will be, if successful, the first steerable needle made from non-magnetic material, making it useable in MRI environments.
    • Robot Rose is a special robot that helps people in the house. It can be controlled by the patients and remote-controlled by home care employees.

    Apart from these projects, the TUE also participates in numerous projects to promote robotics.

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