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U. Carlos III de Madrid

U. Carlos III de Madrid
  • Spain
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  • The Charles III University of Madrid (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) is one of Spain’s leading public universities. Founded in 1989, UC3M has three campuses spread across Madrid in Spain. Though relatively new, the university has three schools, including the School of Social Sciences and Law, the School of Humanities, Documentation and Communication, and the Higher Technical School.

    Intended to be a small yet innovative public university, UC3M is listed amongst the best universities in Spain. Moreover, its Department of Economics is among the 50 best at the international level. UC3M aims at contributing to the improvement of society by adhering to advanced educational and research standards.

    UC3M has a special Robotics Lab where students and researchers work together to research and develop robots. One of these robots is Maggie, a personal social robot that was developed as a research platform for studying robot intelligence and autonomy.

    Another notable robot developed at the lab is the UC3M Humanoid, which is a full size robot with 21 Degrees of Freedom. It is one of the lab’s autonomous robots and can even walk and cooperate with other robots in real collaborative working environments.

    A third well-known robot is the Manfred-2 mobile robot, which is utilized as an experimental platform for RD in mobile robots.

    Asibot is yet another popular robot that was specifically designed by researchers at UC3M to assist the elderly. Such developments in the field of Robotics have helped UC3M maintain high academic and research standards.

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