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U. of Bremen

U. of Bremen
  • Germany
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  • The University of Breman is one of the most elite universities in Germany. With over 23,000 students, teachers and researchers from more than 120 countries, the university serves as one of the most notable institutions in the field of industrial engineering, digital media, physics, mathematics, microbiology, geosciences and political science.

    In 1584, the institution, then known as the Bremen Latin School, was upgraded to Gymnasium Academicum. In 1610, the school took the form of Gymnasium Illustre, and during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811, it was considered as the French-Bremen University. Later in 1971, the school became officially known as the University of Bremen. Since then, the university experienced significant growth in terms of enrollment, status as well as rankings.

    The university has several research institutions, facilities, and centers for research on robot technology. One of these institutions is the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence or the Deutsches Forschungszentrum fur Kunstilche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI), which mainly focuses on the study of robotics as well as the development of mobile robot systems used for various fields of applications.

    The university’s lab is also working with the German Aerospace Center to develop iStruct, which is an ape-like robot. The robot has been specifically designed to walk and balance in the lunar landscape. Armed with 43 individual force-sensing resistors, two temperature sensors, and digital angular encoders used in its foot and ankle structure, the robot was supposedly developed to explore the moon.

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