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U. of Genova

U. of Genova
  • Italy
  • University
  • Robotics Developer


  • Founded in 1481, the University of Genoa is among the largest and most prestigious universities in Italy with around 40,000 students. The university prides itself in providing the best technologies and research facilities in the country.

    The DIMEC is the research group established within the engineering department of the university. DIMEC aims at developing and designing robotic and mechatronic systems for service and industrial applications including systems for rescue and security, for harsh environment, and tele-operated and autonomous ground, underwater  and aerial systems; development and design of appropriate machines and technologies solving end-users practical issues; development of new multidisciplinary and breakthrough solutions with technology transfer; end-users demand translation in technical requirements, development and design of measurement chains as well as systems for complex applications.

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