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U. of Michigan

U. of Michigan
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  • Founded in 1817 in Detroit as the University of Michigania, the University of Michigan is Michigan’s oldest university. The University of Michigan or UM is one of the public research universities in America that has a very high research activity. The school focuses not only on classical curriculum but on science and research as well.

    Today, the University of Michigan has 13 undergraduate schools and colleges located in four campuses, the North, the Central, Medical, and the South Campuses. As a highly active university in terms of research activity, the university has various research facilities, centers and laboratories to compliment its researches and studies.

    Among them are the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (PeRL) and the Mobile Robotics Lab, each having their own independent researches. The researches on these labs are intensive and each lab has developed its own projects, showing how serious UM is in the field of information, technology and robotics.

    The projects performed in PeRL include the Multi-AUV cooperative navigation, dual ground/aerial robotics testbed, and the 100m-rated Ocean-Server AUVs. Other notable projects developed at the university include various ground robots with wheels and tracks, walking robots, UAVs, flying fish robots and even an intelligent wheelchair aimed at helping people with physical difficulties.

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