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U. of Minho

U. of Minho
  • Portugal
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  • The University of Minho is a public university in Portugal, established in 1973, that has significantly changed the landscape of higher education in the country. Today, the Portuguese university is known for its highly-qualified and experienced professors, level of excellence in research and the wide range of graduate courses available at the university.

    The university is also known for its remarkable degree of interaction with other schools. For these reasons, this research university is considered one of the most important institutions in Portugal.

    The courses offered at the University of Minho are recognized not only locally but internationally as well. Besides being popular for the courses it offers, the university is also known for its research projects, which is why it is widely accredited for being a research University.

    The university’s Group of Automation and Robotics inside the school’s Industrial Electronics department consists of a group of researchers and developers who have created the Autonomous Mobile Robot team that plays football. Moreover, this group of robots has successfully competed at the RoboCup event.

    Also equally popular is the university’s Rescue Robot, which was developed by the researchers at the Masters in Electronic Industrial Engineering and Computer department.

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