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University of Twente

University of Twente
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  • Based in the Netherlands, the University of Twente (UT) is a Dutch research university that focuses on technical development and its implications for individuals as well as society.

    UT believes that the development of therapy robots started with the development of LOPES in 2001. This robotics project aims at developing an exoskeleton that can help people regain the ability to walk. The exoskeleton doesn’t do the work for the patient but it only helps when needed, encouraging the patients to be more active. Unlike other rehabilitation robots, LOPES has improved hip and pelvis freedom. An important feature of this robot is that it supports the movements made by the patients instead of forcing the patients to follow the trainer’s movements.

    The University of Twente is also part of the Dutch robotics project, ROBAR, which tests the usability of a rehabilitation-practicing device. The goal of the project is to research how the ArmeoBoom, a special robot training arm, works for therapists and patients. And to research this, seven Dutch rehabilitation centers will be equipped with this system. Early results are showing that the ArmeoBoom device is showing promising results. This system works on the same principle as LOPES, which involves allowing the patient to use the remaining muscle power for signaling movement to the robotic device.

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