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Uppsala U.

Uppsala U.
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  • The Uppsala University is Sweden’s oldest university founded in 1477. The university ranks among the best universities in Northern Europe. This Swedish research university started out as an ecclesiastical center and had been chartered through papal bull. In 1477, Pope Sixtus IV issued the school’s corporate rights.

    In the 16th century, the school experienced a low number of students, especially during the turbulent period of the reformation of King Gustavus Vasa. At the end of century, Uppsala University became the bastion of Lutheranism. In 1593, the Meeting of Uppsala led to the establishment of the Lutheran Orthodox in the country, and the university was given new privileges by Charles and the Council of State on August 1st, 1593.

    Another important date in the university’s history is the acceptance of women in its portal. It was not until 1838 when Betty Pettersson entered the school and went to become its first female student, paving the way for other female students to study at the Uppsala University.

    With its vast and rich traditions, the Uppsala University continually tries to maintain its strong presence not only in the country but also worldwide. Thus, in order to catch up with the fast changing world, especially in the field of robotics and technology, the school has set up facilities wherein its students can study and research intensively in this field.

    Uppsala University’s Department of Information Technology has been in the forefront in terms of providing its students with vital knowledge and important hands-on experience, especially in the field of robotics. This department deals with thorough research on robotics, and the department uses robotics as part of its various courses.

    The department makes use of several robotic platforms from reputable suppliers, including the Lego Mindstorms NXT, Sony AIBO and the iRobot Roomba. These platforms are being maximized and are being utilized in order to create and develop a more advanced robotic platform.

    Other projects include the Magne project wherein students are taught to develop rescue robot prototypes, and the Mundilfare wherein researchers are finding an alternative way to power line inspection using autonomous robots, which normally traverse power lines without the use of a human operator.

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