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Van Berlo

Van Berlo
  • Netherlands
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  • VanBerlo is a company that creates innovative products. Being one of the leading design, strategy and implementation agencies in Europe, VanBerlo aims at crafting unconventional and incredibly creative designs to help its clients take their business to a new level.

    VanBerlo believes in using advanced technology to draft ideas that challenge and inspire. The ideas are then turned into real life products, keeping in mind the specific needs of each client. The company has received several industrial design awards and has been successfully contributing its efforts to well-known multinational companies such as Philips, Unilever and Heineken. In the medical sector, VanBerlo is working on a robotics project, called “Rose.”

    Project Rose aims at developing a teleoperated service robot that will be operated by a centrally located operator. The robot is developed to help the disabled or elderly people carry out their household activities more autonomously. The robot will remain in human control, even though there are future plans to make it more autonomous.

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