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Vrije U. Brussel

Vrije U. Brussel
  • Belgium
  • University
  • Robotics Developer


  • The University of Brussels was founded from a different university in the year 1834. With over 10,000 students, the university is currently involved in the international robotics projects, Viactors and Aliz-E.

    The goal of Project Viactors is to design actuation technologies for robots that are capable of co-existing and co-operating with individuals while getting much closer to the human manipulation as well as locomotion performance than all other robots. The idea of the project is to analyze and use the way the human muscles work and recreate the way they store and release energy. If successful, the idea of robots doing human work will be one step closer to reality.

    While Project Viactors aims to create movements similar to humans, Project Aliz-E aims at developing robots that can interact like humans, for a long period of time and with a large range of words and topics. These social robots will be developed and used to help small children improve their communication skills.

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