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    The ALCNON, made by Vstone, has had several wins at ROBO-One. This fighting, dancing robot is the size of a small child. It has duo processors, two pincers for hands and one eye. Known by some as "the Cyclops Robot," ALCNON uses its swift punches and…

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  • Black Ox Black Ox

    Black Ox by Vstone has 20 movable axis points, making it a battle robot that delivers hours of fight with other robots. Pointy horns and red LED eyes add to its menacing appearance.

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    FILIO was created as a robo mascot for an extra-curricular science program in Japan. Though outdated now, FILIO helped many students learn about advanced robot technology.

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  • OmniZero.9 OmniZero.9

    OmniZero.9 is transforming robot that can go from a bipedal humanoid robot to a rolling vehicle. It competed in the ROBO-ONE, a humanoid robot competition in Japan, and passed the qualifying rounds. OmniZero.9 has wheeled shoulders and its head tilts…

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  • RB 2000 RB 2000

    JR Robotics developed a gymnastic robot called the RB 2000. This robot can execute a wide range of motions on a cross bar and its board can be expanded for more functionalities.

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  • Robovie i Robovie i

    Robovie-i is a two feet tall, build-it-yourself robot. It moves by rocking its body, which makes it look like a wobbly drunk man. It costs less than other Vstone robots.

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  • Robovie R3UNR Robovie R3UNR

    Robovie R3UNR is a humanoid robot that assists elderly and disabled people. In addition to this role, it also functions as a tour guide, helping people learn about Japan.

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  • Robovie R Ver.3 Robovie R Ver.3

    The helping guide robot Robovie R Ver. 3, assists the disabled and elderly in moving around safely in public places. It has touch sensors, omni-wheels, and USB “eye” cameras.

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  • Robovie R Ver.2 Robovie R Ver.2

    Robovie R Ver. 2 was created to be a research platform for human-robot communication. Vstone has made a newer version of this robot, and it has been discontinued.

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  • Robovie nano Robovie nano

    Robovie Nano is an entertainment robot created by Vstone. This small robot can walk, do cartwheels and side flips, and is fully customizable with RobovieMaker2 software

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  • Robovie PC Robovie PC

    Robovie-PC is a combination hobby robot and desktop PC. Sturdy and lightweight, Robovie-PC allows you Internet access. It runs on Linux or Windows operating systems.

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  • RPC S1 RPC S1

    The RPC-S1 is a small research platform robot with object recognition. This cute, tiny robot can move its eyes independently of its body. It also has voice recognition.

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    RYOMA is an adorable humanoid robot created by Vstone. It was designed to entertain humans. RYOMA has a large head similar to Japanese anime characters and LED eyes.

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