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XiVent Medical

XiVent Medical
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  • Xivent Medical is a highly specialized development company that focuses on creating inventive clinical systems for minimally invasive interventions in oncology. Xivent works closely with some well-known multinational companies in the medical field, such as Siemens and Philips, and it is also supported by two Dutch universities.

    Xivent is currently involved in the MIRIAM project, which works on a minimally invasive robotic system that could effectively operate in an MRI environment. Due to the innovations in medical imaging, precision robotics and significant progress in the field of minimally invasive intervention, cancer can be successfully discovered in its early stages.

    Project MIRIAM focuses on the development of a robotic system that can use the imaging from MRI machines to precisely narrow down the area, helping the surgeon to insert the needle with minimal risk of tissue damage. The fact that the system consists of non-magnetic materials ensures that constant checkups can be made, even if the patient is undergoing a scan.

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