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  • e-nuvo Power Wheel e-nuvo Power Wheel

    The two-wheeled robot E-NUVO Superwheel is a vehicle robot kit. This sturdy autonomous robot can make turns while staying in place, staying upright thanks to it sensors.

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  • e-nuvo HUMANOID e-nuvo HUMANOID

    ZMP developed a bipedal humanoid robot called E-nuvo HUMANOID. It has 21 Degrees of Freedom, a projector for discussions and runs on Microsoft Robotic Developer Studio.

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  • Miuro Miuro

    Created by ZMP Japan, the Miuro robot is a speaker on wheels that can play a variety of sound formats. It wirelessly connects to a 802.11b/g network to play music from a PC or internet radio. Miuro has a maximum battery life of three to four hours of…

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    ZMP Japan developed a small robot housemate called Nuvo. It can play musical sounds, dance and tell time. Nuvo serves as a baby monitor and home security device. This robot doesn't walk into objects when it walks and is able stand on its own. It stands…

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    PINO is a 70 cm humanoid robot with research and educational applications. Released by ZMP in 2002, it utilizes a Linux-based open platform and PlayStation controllers.

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  • RoboCar Z RoboCar Z

    ZMP's RoboCar Z aids education and research into car robotics. The wheeled robot uses stereo cameras, infrared sensors, and a laser rangefinder to see its environment.

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