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  • PaPeRo-mini

    The Papero Mini robot is only 9.84 inches tall. It has a wide-angle camera which gives it a 180-degree view. This tiny robot has a ARM 9192 CPU and DSP processor, which makes it more advanced than Papero. It also has speech recognition and synthesis.

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    FIRST was founded in 1989 by American inventor Dean Kamen and aims to design accessible, innovative programs that motivate young people to pursue education and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

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  • Ohio U.

    Ohio University is the ninth oldest university in the US, and is the first university that was established in the state of Ohio and the entire Northwest Territory. The university aims at developing its students intellectually and personally.

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  • Pennsylvania U.

    UPenn’s Masters Program in Robotics is recognized as one of the top premier research centers in the country today. It provides students with an ideal foundation for artificial intelligence, computer vision, and the prototyping of robotic systems. Among…

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  • RoboNED

    RoboNED is the Dutch robotics organization that aims at strengthening the robotics market in The Netherlands. It stimulates the development of robots that can provide solutions for future healthcare problems and focuses on aligning the Dutch robotics…

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  • Stanford U.

    Stanford University in California has evolved into one of the United States’ most prominent research universities in the field of computer science. One of the recipients of the original four ARPANET nodes, Stanford’s School of Engineering has developed…

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  • Vision-based Robot Localization

    The University of Auckland’s Vision-based Robot Localization is a robotics lab that focuses on real-time image processing, the use of vision in robotics, and biologically-inspired processes. The lab’s director, Mr. David Yuen, has presented research papers…

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  • Bino3

    Bino3 surveillance robot has a 3D motion and stereo binocular system. Its developers hope to use it in areas potentially dangerous to humans, such as radioactive rooms.

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  • BR23C Bee

    NISSAN developed a biomimetic car robot called BR23C. Nicknamed 'Bee', it uses Laser Range Finder, and decelerates and turns sharply 90 degrees when detects an obstacle.

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  • Halluc

    The Halluc 1, or Hallucigenia 01, is a vehicle robot developed by FuRo and Leading Edge Design. It represents what vehicles may look like in the future. The robot has eight wheels and can move in multiple directions. With onboard sensors such as a three-axial…

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  • JKU Bipedal Robot

    SCHUNK, SPACE and Johannes Kepler University combined their skills to create the JKU Bipedal Robot. It has 6 human-like DOF and force-torque sensors to create stability. A stereo-camera located in its head allows it to view its surroundings.

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  • MechRC

    Trossen Robotics developed a humanoid robot called MechRC which comes in a pre-assembled kit. It has pre-installed motions and sounds, and the audio system on its chest lets you listen to music.

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  • Murphy

    UPPSALA University created a humanoid robot which has large shoulders and can pull 600Kg. It contains many sensors and later will be equipped with a fuel cell to make it self-powered.

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  • Presenter Type 2

    The Presenter Type 2 robot talks and moves like a real human presenter. It shows promotional videos and makes presentations about Tamanoi Vinegar’s products.

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  • RIBA

    RIBA is as assistant humanoid robot with a friendly, bear-like face. It was designed by RIKEN and Tokai rubber to help transport patients around hospitals. RIBA can carry up to 61 kilograms and lift patients from beds to wheelchairs. He is able to track…

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