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  • Intuitive Surgical

    Intuitive Surgical, Inc. was incorporated in 1995, and aims at improving the life of patients by designing, manufacturing and marketing da Vinci Surgical Systems as well as related accessories and instruments.

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  • Fast and robust two-legged robots

    The Delft bio-robotics laboratory began developing a bipedal walking robot in 1995. This Dutch Robotics projects has resulted in the development of 12 bipedal robots, with research that can be used to improve physical rehabilitation. The latest robot…

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  • Goemon

    Goeman II was developed by JSK Laboratory in 1995. This quadruped robot can walk and pose. Goeman II has tactile and vision sensors that can be accessed at the same time.

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  • Aalborg U.

    The 5th largest university in Denmark based on number of applicants, Aalborg University has a long academic history. Since 2006, a professor and students from the Department of Mechanic and the Department of Electronic and Systems have been working on…

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  • Autonomous Undersea Systems Inst.

    The AUSI is a non-profit chartered institute on a three-acre facility, with 2000 square feet of office and laboratory space. It manages a fresh water test facility that has a 28 meter, remote-controlled pontoon boat. The AUSI helps with research programs…

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  • ETHZ Inst. of Robotics

    ETHZ’s Institute of Robotics has a long history of robotics achievements. The main lab is divided into many specialty labs, such as the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) and Agile & Dexterous Robotics Lab (ADRL), each with its own robotics projects. The ADRL,…

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  • Leg Lab. (MIT)

    MIT’s Leg Laboratory is one of the premier robotics research labs in the U.S. This lab created the Uniroo and 3D Biped robots, which appeared in the film “Rising Sun.” Devoted to developing dynamic-legged robots, Leg Laboratory has developed one-legged…

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  • National Kaohsiung First U. of Science and Tech.

    Taiwan’s first robot capable of scaling walls was developed in part by NKFUST’s College of Engineering’s Mechanical and Automation Engineering. This award-winning robot can eventually be put into actual use, replacing humans to clean the windows of tall…

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    SINTEF ICT is a division of SINTEF that provides micro-technology, communication and software technology, computational software, information systems and security & safety. Their work varies from simple technical analysis to complete systems.

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  • Hanzou

    JSK Laboratory’s Hanzou robot is a research robot. It is remote-brained and can walk on its two feet. The robot has a CCD camera and can stand up if it falls over.

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  • Ricordo EM21A

    Tiny robot Ricordo is only one cubic centimeter in size. However, this little robot developed by Epson has a lot to offer. Its high memory capacity allows it to play back audio it records. Ricordo can also chase any light source and has mobility functions.

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  • RoboTuna

    David Barrett developed RoboTuna I as part of his PhD thesis at MIT. It is the very first functional robotic fish ever created and is controlled by six powerful servomotors.

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  • Spring Flamingo

    Designed by Jerry Pratt and developed by an ensemble cast at MIT, the Spring Flamingo resembles its avian namesake but has human-like movement due to bent-forward knees.

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  • Stappo

    Designed and built at the Delft Biped Laboratory, Stappo was developed as their first walking robot. Armed with two legs, Stappo functions on two magnets. The robot is capable of walking on flat as well as horizontal surfaces.

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  • TAMA

    JSK Laboratory of the University of Tokyo developed a robot called TAMA II. It can see and send visual data, navigate different terrains, and can recognize and grasp an object.

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