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  • Robots City

    SCIENCE MEETS CREATIVITY like never before, in an unprecedented blend of Artificial and Creative Intelligence. Robots City is the non-stop tech concept generator which provides high-end creative

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  • Lil'Bot is crowdfunding with Kickstarter

    Lil'Bot is a robotics project which aims to build a low-cost, open-source, balancing robot that is easy to program. In order to fund this robotics project, its creator Chris Hakim started a crowdfunding program using Kickstarter.

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  • Lil'Bot Project

    Lil’bot project by Chris Hakim is a low-cost, open-source robotics project to develop a balancing robot that can be used to introduce children to robot programming. Lil'Bot is easy to program using a visually based programming language and can express…

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  • Chatterbot

    Chatterbot is an animated computer accessory robot developed by WowWee. This fun robot makes witty comments based on the user's activities. It also can play music and works with email and private messaging. Chatterbot attaches to a unit through a USB…

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  • TUlip

    TUlip is a soccer playing humanoid robot created by the Dutch robot soccer team, Dutch Robotics. This lightweight and durable humanoid took part in the Robocup challenge.

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