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  • A&R Technology Co.,Ltd

    A&R Technology Co.,Ltd short as A&R located at Shenzhen China. A&R supply the hotsale collaborative robot,4-axis scara robot and 6DOF industrial robot. 

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  • Robonaut 2 Is Getting Space Legs

    Space Robot Robonaut 2 has just received his space legs, which allow him to assist astronauts with chores inside and outside the station, freeing up time for astronauts to do more research and other tasks.

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  • RoboErectus Jr.

    Soccer-playing RoboErectus Jr won first place in penalty kicks in the 2002 RoboCup, but with a walking speed of 2 meters/minute it's not a big threat to human players.

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  • U-ROBO

    U-ROBO is a service robot developed to be the perfect home companion. It was created by ED and has excellent balance even on slopes. It is said to be able to cook and handle a broom.

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