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  • da Vinci Si Surgical System

    Being the newest addition to the da Vinci product line, the da Vinci Si Surgical System offers a number of enabling features to help surgeons perform complex and delicate operations with increased precision, vision, control and dexterity.

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  • da Vinci Surgical System

    Using the latest technology, the da Vinci Surgical System allows surgeons to perform complex and delicate operations through a small number of tiny incisions with increased precision, vision, control and dexterity.

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  • Robomotive

    Robomotive is a Dutch company that delivers turnkey automation systems. The company aims at using the latest technological tools such as humanoid robotics, adaptive grippers and 3D vision to automate places that have commercial and/or technical limitations.

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  • Simon Fraser U.

    SFU in Canada hopes that their robotics lab, LRV, can create better robotics technology, and develop methodologies and tools for such things as the design and execution of 2D and 3D vision with other AI elements. Among the lab’s notable projects includes…

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  • U. of Glasgow

    One of Scotland’s four ancient universities, the University of Glasgow caters to more than 23,000 students. It includes research facilities like the Computer Vision and Graphics group where students can learn about robotics through computer vision research,…

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  • RGBd, ToF !

    RGBd TOF is a robotics project that is developing a way for robots to have 3D vision. Combining RGB and 3D will allow robots to more easily understand the dimensions of objects. This will bring us one step closer to letting robots function more like humans.

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  • H

    The H6 has many features to help it function in real human environments. This robot has a 3D camera and wireless Ethernet interface, so it can operate without external cables.

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  • HRP

    Japanese humanoid HRP-2M Choromet runs on Linux. It recognizes objects, performs human motions, and follows commands using numerous sensors and 20 DOF.

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  • Isamu

    The ISAMU robot was developed by Kawada Industries. It operates on RT Linux and has 3D vision and motion-planning software. This bipedal robot can be operated with a joystick.

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