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  • CIROS 2015

    The China International Robot Show (CIROS) 2015 takes place July 8 to 11 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai and is the official exhibition platform of the China Robot Industry Alliance and the top robot exhibition of China.

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  • ECHORD++ best picture award

    Best Picture Award 2016 The ECHORD++ experiment teams have submitted pictures of their projects. The best picture will be awarded a beam+ telepresence robot. The winners will be announced on Thursday,

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  • RoboBusiness Europe 2015

    RoboBusiness Europe is a unique and most important event specifically directed at the EU robotics marketplace covering all the most vibrant sectors of the robotics industry.

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  • Aalborg U.

    The 5th largest university in Denmark based on number of applicants, Aalborg University has a long academic history. Since 2006, a professor and students from the Department of Mechanic and the Department of Electronic and Systems have been working on…

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  • Automatic Control & Systems Engineering

    The ACSE at the University of Sheffield is the top research center in the world, and the largest academic research center in the UK solely dedicated to control and systems engineering. This award-winning Center is also a member of the Worldwide Universities…

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  • CSi Industries

    CSi is a Dutch company specializing in integrated handling systems, from advice to production and installation. It is known for its robotic palletizing systems and packaging systems.

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    The largest of ESA's research sites in Europe and abroad is the European Space Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Almost all equipment that ESA launches is tested to some extent at ESTEC. While ESTEC is used extensively…

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  • Lely

    Founded by Cornelis and Arij van der Lely, Lely is an international company that provides innovative solutions to the agricultural field.

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  • State Research Center of Russia

    The State Research Center of Russia is one of the largest research centers in the country. This unique test lab is quickly becoming one of the major development institutes in mobile robotic systems for special apps. It successfully managed to complete…

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  • Technical U. Munich

    Germany’s Technical University Munich is one of the country’s top research universities and a member of the TU9 technology society. The school’s Robotics and Embedded Systems conducts ongoing research on the education of machines used for perception,…

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  • H

    Research by the University of Tokyo, JSK Laboratory, and Kawada Industries resulted in H7, a human-size humanoid robot. This robot is capable of autonomously performing in indoor environments designed for humans. It being used as a research platform…

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  • HERO-I

    HERO-1 has been around since the early 80’s. It is an excellent teaching tool and robot lab. This educational robot can detect light, sound and movement and maneuvers easily.

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  • Igoid

    Igoid is a humanoid robot designed by JSK Laboratories to research sensor-based reactive behaviors. It has a tactile sensor suit that enables it to respond to touch and sound.

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  • Mr. SemProM

    Mr. SemProM is a 1.75m humanoid whose modifiable gripper-equipped arms and multiple cameras (including wrist cameras for fine manipulations) allow it to carry objects.

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