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  • New ASIMO

    The New Asimo Version 2 was unveiled by Honda in 2005. This version features the ability to pursue real-life environment tasks, and can also walk, run and kick a soccer ball. In 2007 researchers updated its technologies, allowing several Asimo robots…

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  • BHR

    BHR 3 is an improved version of BHR 2. This bipedal robot can perform Tai-Chi, has force and torque sensors, and has vision and sound recognition. It runs on RT-Linux software.

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  • IRT Humanoid

    Tokyo University developed a humanoid called Information and Robot Technology to help the aeging society. This bipedal humanoid is covered in soft latex foam and paper.

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  • JingJing

    Jing-Jing is a martial arts robot developed by the Beijing Institute of Technology. Jing-Jing has 28 DOF and was built with sensors, encoder wheels and a harmonic reducer.

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  • P

    The third robot in Honda's P series, the P3 is the first completely independent two-legged humanoid walking robot. To make this version smaller, the control system was decentralized and it was built with a different material. It still has a walking speed…

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  • Plen

    Plen is a 23 cm desktop entertainment robot. The user-assembled humanoid is controlled via Bluetooth, and has a 32-bit ARM processor, 18 DOF and 20 pre-installed motions.

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