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  • Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group

    The ISLA works on solutions to a wide variety of robotic issues. This group carries out both teaching and research in cooperative robotics. Along with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, they created the “A Framework”, which was used to maintain a shared…

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  • Global Robot Expo 2017

    GLOBAL ROBOT EXPO is the definitive trade show to measure the current state of robotics and aims to provide a space where all stakeholders can showcase their technological achievements

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  • Swarm-Intelligent Systems Research Group

    The SWIS Group is a leading robotics research group in Switzerland. They focus on reinforcing the flow of ideas about Swarm Intelligence and adding to the education of interdisciplinary engineers and computer scientists. One of their goals is to create…

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  • Vision-based Robot Localization

    The University of Auckland’s Vision-based Robot Localization is a robotics lab that focuses on real-time image processing, the use of vision in robotics, and biologically-inspired processes. The lab’s director, Mr. David Yuen, has presented research papers…

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    The Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System (ARCAS) is a EU funded robotics project that develops autonomous flying robots to perform tasks too dangerous or otherwise difficult for human workers. It will be the first cooperative autonomously flying…

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