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  • AI Robot

    The AI Robot is a customizable entertainment robot designed to dance. It has artificial intelligence and flexible body mechanisms that allow it to groove to all different types of music. The AI Robot has been in several videos that went viral and is a…

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  • Tongmyong U.

    South Korea’s Tongmyong University’s is one of the country’s most distinguished schools. It has been selected for several projects and as a model for local employment and human resources development. The Department of Robot System Engineering has also…

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  • Thai Rescue Robots To Brazil

    BART LAB Rescue, the robotics team from The Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology, is now looking forward to attend the RoboCup 2014 Competition. To facilitate the transport costs they initiated a Fundraising Campaign

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  • Date Masamune

    Date Masamune is a miniature robot based on the legendary Samurai of the same name. JR Propo and Matsuyoshi Dolls created this robot, which is available for rent for expos and special events. Date Masamune has sword and body armor and cost 1 million yen…

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  • MK Robot

    A Thai robot waiter, MK Robot takes orders and serves food. It has a face to provide service with a smile, and it remembers customer preferences to reduce service errors.

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  • Samurai of Kuroda

    Samurai of Kuroda is a humanoid robot created to look like an actual Japanese Samurai. The robot can dance, drink and wield its spear when it seems to be threatened. Samurai of Kuroda fuses humanoid technology with entertainment thanks to these preprogrammed…

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