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  • The Drone Xpo

    The Drone Xpo is the European Drone event based on innovation and networking, delivering the proof of new concepts and drone applications. TDX provides a look into the drone technology of today and tomorrow.

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  • Intelligent Servosystems Lab.

    The ISL at the University of Maryland performs extensive robotics research. Their focus is to advance state-of-the-art design and real-time control of intelligent systems. Among the lab’s impressive list of projects is the robotic hand the Modular Dexterous…

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  • Ruud

    The Ruud robot project is a Dutch Robotics mechanical weed tracer and destroyer. Although a costly solution, it is ideal for organic farmers who do not want to use pesticides to destroy Broadleaf Dock. In ideal conditions, it removes 90% of the weeds…

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  • ACER

    The Armored Combat Engineer Robot (ACER) is a multifunctional wheeled robot developed to provide remote assistance in dangerous areas. It has steel armor plating and a 62 HP diesel engine. The state of Florida uses several ACERs in police and fire departments.

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  • Gogic Five

    Gogic Five is a hobby robot with a racer extension kit. This tiny humanoid can transform into a sporty racecar. Five servomotors allow it to walk, punch, kick and stand.

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  • MARV

    Mesa Robotics developed a low cost and expendable wheeled-robot called MARV. This state-of-the art robot has the potential to be used in military, government, and civilian purposes.

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