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  • PRISMA Lab.

    Prima Lab is the robotics and automation group of the University of Naples. Together with other research partners, this Italian research group is working on many robotics projects all across Europe. And, one of these projects is the Dutch project to make…

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  • AUVSI Foundation

    The AUVSI Foundation focuses on the future of the robotics industry by developing programs that will attract and equip students for a career in this rapidly growing field. It hosts robotics competitions that challenge students to apply their skills in…

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  • Phenox Lab

    Phenox Lab manufactures intelligent, programmable aerial robots which are flying drones functioning as a programmable platform for flying apps. It was, founded by the two young, promising students Ryo Konomura and Kensho Miyoshi at the Artificial Intelligence…

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    The Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly System (ARCAS) is a EU funded robotics project that develops autonomous flying robots to perform tasks too dangerous or otherwise difficult for human workers. It will be the first cooperative autonomously flying…

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