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  • Bluetronics

    Bluetronics deals with developing robots and automation products for industries and agricultural sector. We are specialized in ROS based robots for your custom needs. With over 4 years of experience

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  • Clear Flight Solutions

    Clear Flight Solutions is a Dutch robotics company that develops robotic birds called "Robirds". These Robirds are developed using the flight and appearance characteristics of birds of prey. Their realistically moving wings as a means of flying, combined…

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  • Force-A

    Being a French company, Force A specializes in agricultural technology. The company has the goal of becoming a global leader in the market by controlling the partnership and internal areas associated with optical sensors and decision support criteria.

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  • INIA

    The INIA is an institute of agricultural research that has a mission to generate and transfer knowledge and global technologies to produce innovations in the agricultural sector and improve the competitiveness of the sector.

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  • Inst. de Automatica Industrial (IAI)

    The Instituto de Automatica Industrial (IAI) serves as an important Research Center in the field of robotics. Associated with the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), it aims at carrying out R&D for the evaluation, development and synthesis…

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  • AgroBot

    AgroBot is a sub-project of the SmartBot initiative dedicated to the development of basic technologies for constructing multiple agriculture robotic prototypes with different applications.

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    A partnership between 10 different countries, CROPS is a robotics project based in the Netherlands. The goal is to create robots that can replace human labor in agriculture, reducing costs while increasing profits and crop production. It will enable…

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