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  • New ASIMO

    The New Asimo Version 2 was unveiled by Honda in 2005. This version features the ability to pursue real-life environment tasks, and can also walk, run and kick a soccer ball. In 2007 researchers updated its technologies, allowing several Asimo robots…

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  • Asimo

    Honda developed the most advanced humanoid robot called Asimo. It can recognize moving objects, greet approaching people, respond to handshakes and recognize verbal commands.

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  • Caliban (CBN-001)

    Caliban is the main character in the 1993 novel 'Isaac Asimov’s Caliban' by Roger MacBride. The robot was created without following the Three Laws of Robotics and was accused to murdering its master. Caliban later proves its innocence with a sheriff's…

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  • AR

    Android Robotic Corp. of Russia developed a humanoid robot called AR 600. It can perform human-like movements, and detect, recognize and classify objects in its surroundings.

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  • BHR

    BHR 3 is an improved version of BHR 2. This bipedal robot can perform Tai-Chi, has force and torque sensors, and has vision and sound recognition. It runs on RT-Linux software.

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  • HRP

    Honda's full-size humanoid HRP 1S can be controlled remotely and has stereo vision, fine grasp capabilities, a 2 kph walking speed, and 28 minutes of battery life.

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  • HUBO

    KAIST developed the third robot in the HUBO series called HUBO KHR-3. It is a prototype humanoid which can play rock-paper-scissors because of independent motion of its fingers.

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  • P

    Honda's P series of robots ended with P4, also known as ASIMO. It is a sleeker, faster version of the first three and can run at 6 km/hour. P4 can follow a human's movement and greet an approaching person. It can also recognize human gestures and has…

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    Silverlit Robotics created a humanoid called PROGRAM-A-BOT. It comes with 36 pre-programmed commands, can be activated by clapping hands and can interact with nearby robots.

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  • Silf

    Katsuhisa Ito's Silf H2 is the successor to Silf H1. It won the RoboCup in 2000 and has won other awards. Silf H2 was featured on the cover of the September 2004 issue of Industrial Automation.The body was made from custom-built parts.

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