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  • Assistant Robot (AR)

    For those who want housework help, Assistant Robot is ready for action. This highly flexible robot can even evaluate tasks to determine if it was successful.

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  • iArm

    The iARM (intelligent Assistant Robot Manipulator) is a product of Assistive Innovations that aims at helping people with physical disabilities. It helps perform everyday tasks like drinking and eating, picking things from the ground and even preparing…

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  • ISA System Engineering and Automation Department

    The ISA System Engineering and Automation Department is home to many achievements in the field of robotics, including a wheelchair robot and a mobile robot that can deliver objects. The lab engages in a wide range of areas in robotic research, including…

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  • U. of Hertfordshire

    Formerly known as the Hatfield Technical College, the University of Hertfordshire is a British new university that is located in Hatfield. The university’s Adaptive Systems Research Group was instrumental in the creation and development of a unique robot…

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  • U. of Tokyo

    Japan’s most prestigious university, the University of Tokyo, has the highest ranking in Asia. The school’s JSK Laboratory does extensive robotics work in a wide range of fields. Recently, the lab unveiled its HRP3L-JSK robot; a bipedal robot that can…

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  • FDK service robot

    The FDK service robots were designed to assist humans in places such as offices and commercial facilities. They can also be utilized as security patrol robots. FDK robots can move autonomously and have a 3d visual processing system. Some of the tasks…

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  • iMaro

    The iMaro-3 ISR was created by SAIT as a service robot. It greets people at the Seoul International Airport. The iMaro-3 ISR helps passengers find the correct terminal. It also provides snapshots of the person it assists and has pre-programmed maps to…

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  • ROLA

    Rola is an assistant robot designed to help healthcare providers give patients the services they need. It can provide needed information and store objects in its drawers.

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