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  • Dr. Leo Kannerhuis

    The Dr. Leo Kanner house is a foundation and a highly specialized facility registered as a public benefit organization. It aims at developing, offering and transferring the best treatment for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) patients.

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  • Ask NAO

    Created by Aldebaran Robotics, Project ASK NAO or Autism Solution for Kids aims at customizing the humanoid robot, NAO, for helping teachers and instructors with in-class tasks while supporting autistic children. ASK NAO revolutionized the way people…

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  • U. of Hertfordshire

    Formerly known as the Hatfield Technical College, the University of Hertfordshire is a British new university that is located in Hatfield. The university’s Adaptive Systems Research Group was instrumental in the creation and development of a unique robot…

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  • Kaspar

    University of Hertfordshire created the child-sized humanoid robot called KASPAR. Its aim is to study the interaction between humans and robots, and assist kids with autism.

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  • Keepon

    Dr. Hideki Kozima from Japan developed this robot which can interact with kids with autism. It is touch sensitive, reacts to emotions using sound and dances upon hearing music.

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  • NICO

    Yale University scientists developed NICO which is an upper-torso humanoid robot. It mimics movement of an infant, recognizes people and helps to diagnose autism in children.

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  • Robokind

    RoboKind assists with human behavioral studies. The 60 cm humanoid can walk, displays and recognizes speech and facial expressions, and runs on Windows, Mac OS, or Unix.

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  • Robota Dolls

    EPFL developed humanoids called Robota Dolls which interact with humans using speech, vision and body imitation. They are used for behavioral studies on autistic children.

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