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  • Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab.

    The AMRL of the University of Maryland specializes in robots for entertainment, education, goal-based robotics and motion planning. Notable projects include the Vacuuming robot the Scratchy, and the homebuilt Smart-V robot, Spiro. The lab also created…

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  • U. of Minho

    The University of Minho is a public university in Portugal that is known for its highly-qualified and experienced professors, level of excellence in research and the wide range of graduate courses available at the university. The university’s Group of…

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  • ICS Computer Vision and Robotics Lab.

    The CVRL at Greece’s Institute of Computer Science was created to perform research and development in autonomous mobile robots. Among their robot creations is the Plato, a 4-wheeled skid drive robotic platform, and a Rotocraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.…

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  • MARS

    MARS is one of the leading UAV and UGV academic research facilities in the U.S. Its mission is to explore, research and bridge circuits, architecture, compiler, and software methods. They also focus on the multi-level learning in hybrid deliberative…

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  • Robotics & Process Control

    The University of Kaiserslautern’s Robotics and Process Research Group worked on the development and creation of autonomous mobile robots. The Group disbanded in 2001, but played a significant role in a number of robotics projects before it ceased to…

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  • Tsukuba U.

    The University of Tsukuba in Japan is one of the country’s oldest universities. Its robotics research center, UTARC, has been instrumental in leading the university in its quest for advanced robotic research. The center aims to create an interdisciplinary…

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  • U. of Electro-Communications

    The University of Electro-Communication (UEC) is one of the premiere universities in the Japan. The university is also equipped with various labs and research facilities that mostly involve the study of information technology, robotics and artificial…

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  • El-E

    The EL-E independent robot was developed to assist people with disabilities. This mobile robot can pick up objects from the floor that may be hard for disabled people to reach.

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    KEITA is a receptionist robot at the Faculty of Science and Technology. It can meet and greet visitors, conduct campus tours and answer questions. This Japanese-speaking robot is fully autonomous and spends most of its time with visitors. It only returns…

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