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    JPL, NASA’s lab for developing projects for space exploration, is a pioneer in robotics equipment suited for outer space. Along with the first U.S. satellite ever launched, the Explorer 1, JPL sent the first robotic craft to the moon and to the solar…

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  • NASA

    NASA was initially established for space science research and has always maintained a peaceful, civilian orientation rather than military. Accomplishments include the launch of the reusable space shuttle and collaborating with other nations to establish…

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  • Purdue U.

    Founded in 1869, Purdue University is the second largest public university in terms of international student population in the U.S. Its ART Lab is a major center for robotics research in the state. The lab has partnered with DRB Fatec, Hoya Robotics and…

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  • Schiebel Coorporation

    The Vienna-based Schiebel Corporation specializes in the development of composite technologies, landmine detection systems and aviation innovations that include robotics and sensor technology.

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  • SpaceTec

    Internationally known for offering unbiased and independent consultancy services, SpaceTec comprises of experienced technology and management consultants with extensive experience in space and its applications.

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  • CamCopter

    The CAMCOPTER® S-100 has the ability to complete an entire mission automatically and with zero operator intervention, or it can be reprogrammed at any time when airborne to perform alternative missions or react to task changes.

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