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    Best Practice In Robotics, or BRICS, has a goal of formalizing robotics standards to help promote best robotics practices and speed development. To accomplish this, BRICS will provide the necessary tools, models and libraries. Standardization will make…

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  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

    Being a German application-oriented research organization, Fraunhofer is active in many different kinds of sectors like health, security, energy and the environment. The company designs products and shapes technology focusing on the needs of the people.

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  • KUKA Robotics

    By developing the first PC-based controller, KUKA Robotics made a significant impact in this field of science. Robotic systems can now be controlled and programmed to perform many different motions, making them usable in different circumstances.

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  • Microbric

    Microbric is a South Australian robotics company with the goal of sharing electronics, programming, and robotics with as many people as possible, especially children. They develop easy-to-program robots that are perfect for the classroom. No soldering…

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