About robots, robot development
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  • Korea U. of Science and Tech.

    Korea Tech has had a 100% graduate career placement for 13 straight years and is the number one university in the country. Their School of Mechanical Engineering established the KUT BioRobotics Laboratory. The lab’s mission is to create and develop science,…

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  • BioRobotics Lab.

    Harvard University's Biorobotics Laboratory focuses on research on the role of sensing and mechanical designs in motor control in robots and humans. They have developed applications in teleoperated robots and also intelligent sensors. Their primary research…

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  • Delft Biorobotics Lab.

    Delft Biorobotics Laboratory aims at developing safe, efficient and novel robotic systems with biology related applications and/or biologically inspired designs, such as robotic arms that can be used for rehabilitation and bipedal walking machines.

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  • Robby

    Designed and developed at the Delft BioRobotics Lab Robby is an affordable service robot. It is capable of performing a variety of tasks, combining high-tech speech recognition, person tracking, object recognition as well as autonomous navigation.

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