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  • Bruno

    Bruno was made in 2008 to compete against other humanoids at the Robo Cup German Open. It has a camera to see the ball and a system that interprets what it has to do to make a goal.

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  • Aldebaran Robotics

    Founded in 2005, Aldebaran Robotics is a French company that aims at developing, designing and commercializing humanoid robots. The company’s vision is to develop robots that could be used as personal assistants.

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  • Aldebaran Introduces Companion, Pepper

    Aldebaran Robotics introduces Companion Robot, Pepper, a robot that can sense and show emotions. Pepper is programmed to recognize human emotions from facial expressions, body language combined with your chosen words and can react accordingly.

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  • Aldebaran Robotics shares source code

    Aldebaran has expressed its intent to share their source code for programming NAO with the programming community. Robot NAO is very popular with universities and has become an innovative tool in teaching about robotics.

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