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  • Carnegie Mellon U. (CMU)

    Starting out as the Carnegie Technical Schools in 1900, the Carnegie Mellon University is one of America’s top private research institutions. The institute is composed of seven colleges and several independent schools. CMUA’s Robotics Institute is the…

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  • Pearl

    University of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University developed the Pearl nurse robot. It is a personal and social robot which helps the elderly go about their daily routines.

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  • Robotics Inst. Robot Learning Lab.

    CMU’s Robot Education Lab has tackled a wide range of robotics fields, including intelligent manufacturing, nano-robots and anthropomorphic robots. Recently the lab developed the snakebot: a robot capable of moving like a snake. The founders of the Robotics…

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  • Sensor Based Planning Lab.

    CMU’s Sensor Based Planning Laboratory engages in research on robotics and sensor-based planning, among other fields. Researchers focus on equipping robots with probabilistic planner technology which, if successful, can extend current sensor capabilities.…

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  • The Manipulation Lab

    The Robotics Institute Manipulation Lab at CMU is a prominent academic robotics research lab. Focusing on the autonomous robotic manipulation problem, the Lab works on everything from robotic hands to the dynamics of robotic legged movement. Among their…

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  • Ballbot

    The Ballbot robot is an omni-directional, battery-powered robot. It moves by using a urethane-coated ball instead of the traditional wheels or legs found on most robots.

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  • Zoe

    Zoe is an autonomous, solar powered robot developed by The Carnegy Mellon University. This robotic rover is used to test surface exploration on other planets like Mars. It has been succesfully tested in the Atacama desert of Chili in 2005.

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