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  • Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Founded by Guomindang nationalist government in 1928, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) aims exploring and harnessing the natural sciences and high technology to benefit China and the world.

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  • Miss Rong Cheng

    Chinese Academy of Sciences developed an advanced humanoid called Miss Rong Cheng. It can respond to voices and has been deployed as a receptionist at the Sichuan Science Museum.

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  • Beauty Robot

    The first Chinese beauty robot is called Rong Cheng. It resembles a human female and can make human-like expressions. The robot has visual and speech recognition and can talk to people. It speaks in in Mandarin, English, and Shichuan dialects. Rong Cheng…

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  • Butler Robot

    The Butler Robot is a Chinese prototype from 2010. Designed as a kitchen/household helper, it remembers appliance locations and carries small items with claw-like hands.

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  • HuiHui

    Human-sized HuiHui helps elderly people with eating and exercise. It monitors its patients with laser and ultrasonic sensors, and sends texts to summon help if necessary.

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    Three Chinese companies developed the UNISROBO robot. It debuted at the 2011 Chinese High-Tech Expo. Envisioned as a way to teach children English and good manners, UNISROBO has touch sensors and a touchscreen. Ten artificial intelligence modules give…

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