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  • Robotics & Intelligent Machines Lab.

    The Robotics and Intelligent Machines Lab at UC Berkeley is a leading academic lab in the field of medical robotics. One of its biggest projects is Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). Lab researchers have created a way for an operation to be performed with…

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  • Stanford U.

    Stanford University in California has evolved into one of the United States’ most prominent research universities in the field of computer science. One of the recipients of the original four ARPANET nodes, Stanford’s School of Engineering has developed…

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  • The Corpora

    Founded in 2008 by Francisco and Carlos Paz, TheCorpora is a company which brings together all the work that was developed years ago by Francisco Paz. The company aims at introducing robotics to the public and their homes.

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  • Ava

    The Ava 500 is a Video Collaboration Robot used as Telepresence device. It enables people to work off-site and still attend at meetings and presentations where it is important to move between locations.

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  • M1 Mobile Manipulator

    The M1 Mobile Manipulator is a customizable mobile manipulation platform. This humanoid robot, created by Meka Robotics, can lift up to a 1.5 kg payload. It is equipped with compliant force control and has bluetooth and LAN connectivity. It has a Kinect…

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    A U. of Tokyo grad student built PIGORASS, a 13-foot robot quadruped with a simulated neural system, ABS resin/carbon fiber body, and both pneumatic and passive muscles.

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