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  • Eco-be!

    The watch company, Citizen, developed a miniature soccer playing robot called Eco-Be. This wheel driven robot is powered by a watch battery and can move in any direction.

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  • European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

    Founded in 1975, the European Committee for Standardization, also known as CEN, serves as a global non-profit association. Aimed at eliminating trade barriers for consumers and industries in Europe, CEN plays an important role as a business facilitator.

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  • Fondazione Mondo Digitale

    The Fondazione Mondo Digitale or the Digitalized World Foundation aims at combining innovation, instruction and fundamental values in order to create an inclusive knowledge society. The organization’s main goal is to share knowledge that will in turn…

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  • Konan U.

    Japan’s Konan University offers five diverse faculties for both citizens and foreigners. The Faculty of Science and Engineering has a Department of Information Science and Systems Engineering, which works on a variety of robotics projects. One of these…

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  • Pennsylvania U.

    UPenn’s Masters Program in Robotics is recognized as one of the top premier research centers in the country today. It provides students with an ideal foundation for artificial intelligence, computer vision, and the prototyping of robotic systems. Among…

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  • U. of Southern California (USC)

    USC is one of the leading robotics universities in the U.S. The USC Robotics Research Laboratory works on projects in service and humanoid robots, among others, for everything from Homeland Security to environmental cleanup. The goal of the lab is to…

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  • ZonMw

    ZonMw is a company that promotes research in the field of healthcare. Serving as the Dutch organization for scientific research, ZonMw also works as an agency for the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport while using and distributing investment…

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  • ICARUS Uses UAV For Demining

    To protect deminers and save time, ICARUS has started to use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for mapping and detecting. One of the major issues facing flood-hit areas is the widespread presence of unexploded devices from the war.

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  • Darius

    DARIUS aims at addressing the different aspects related to the application of the unmanned robot systems in SAR operations. The different objectives of this project will be tested on realistic scenarios.

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    The European Robotics project, ICARUS, aims at developing robotic tools that can detect and rescue human beings. These systems will be used to help “human” crisis intervention teams.

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  • Paro interventions

    Paro is Dutch Robotics project designed to improve the mental and physical well-being of people with dementia. Paro was developed to reduce patient stress and increase patient interaction among themselves, and to reduce the strain on health care systems.…

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