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  • Aldebaran Introduces Companion, Pepper

    Aldebaran Robotics introduces Companion Robot, Pepper, a robot that can sense and show emotions. Pepper is programmed to recognize human emotions from facial expressions, body language combined with your chosen words and can react accordingly.

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    ANTOR is a humanoid companion robot standing 35 cm tall and weighing just 2 kg. Its flexible design and simultaneously operating motors allow it to walk and dance.

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  • ApriPetit

    ApriPetit is a tiny companion robot designed to assist elderly users. Capable of speech and facial recognition, it can follow instructions and communicate about health.

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  • BN-17

    Japanese company Bandai’s BN-17 is a cleaning robot, a security robot, and can even check email for you. It has image recognition and is described as an “ultra nice robot.”

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  • Cinema Companion

    A robot called CIROMI is a new development from Ed Corporation. Users can use the robot's touchscreen capability to take photos, display photos, send photos through email, and play games. Not only does this service robot sell tickets and entertain, it…

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  • iDog

    Sega Toys created the iDog which is a canine robot and is primarily a musical companion for people. It accepts sounds, remembers songs, composes music and dances to rhythms.

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  • Newton

    Synpet developed an intelligent humanoid called Newton which can help people in schools, homes and offices. It can walk, talk, play games, handle calls, teach and play music.

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  • Pepper

    Pepper is the newest robot from Aldebaran. Pepper is social companion robot that can recognize you and is able to have a conversation with you, react to your emotions, and move and live autonomously. It can react to your moods, using intuitive interfaces…

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  • Wever

    Home owners can breathe easier thanks to the Wever C1 robot. This small home companion acts as a guard, alerting its owner about everything from gas leaks to burglars. It sends video reports and text messges to alert the home owner about dangers. Wever…

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