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  • Crab

    The Crab is a robot animal almost a meter in diameter. It features 2 parallax servo controllers, 25 articulations, and pincers and locomotive parts of high-grade steel.

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  • SwashBot

    Crabfu MotionWorks developed Swashbot which is made of scrap materials. This three-legged do-it-yourself robot has four servos, receiver, batteries, exoskeleton and LED lights.

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  • Hex Bugs

    HEXBUG is a series of small insect robots created by Ignition Inc. and Innovation First Inc. It was built to give children a constructive experience and approach with robots at a young age.

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  • NaviRobo

    Navi Robo is a crab-shaped navigation robot. It helps you know where to go and when to turn without taking attention away from the road. The claws vibrate and point the right way just before a turn should be made. Navi Robo is very beneficial to hearing…

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  • Roboquad

    WowWee’s animated robot, Roboquad, has 72 pre-programmed moves and 3 speed modes. This highly customizable robot was a Gold Seal Awardee in the 2007 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.

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