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  • Lola Institute

    Main fields are machine tools, robotics, control systems, equipment for pilot training and flight simulation, equipment for recycling of the communal waste and small hydro power plants. 

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  • Another Robot Bound To Run

    MIT Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory researchers have developed a special computer process for bounding, which enables the Cheetah v. 2 to run faster and untethered

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  • BigDog

    BigDog is a robot that is capable of walking across rubble, climbing hiking trails, walking in water and snow as well as carrying loads of up to 340 lbs. BigDog can run as fast as 4 mph and climb slopes up to thirty-five degrees.

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  • Cycler

    Cycler (renamed Recycler) is a lovable humanoid robot developed for environmental education. It speaks, plays MP3s, and follows spoken commands using 5 microcontrollers.

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  • Dr. R.E. Cycler

    In 2011, Florida Robotics launched an eco-friendly robot, Dr. R.E. Cycler in 2011. This robot gets its energy from its own solar panel. It teaches children the rules of waste management. The robot also crushes aluminum cans of soda and other beverages,…

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  • Murata Boy

    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has created Murata Boy, the world’s first bicycling robot. It can access a LAN to receive commands and execute them with amazing accuracy.

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  • Recycling Robot

    Recycling robot is an educational robot designed to teach students about recycling. It has photosensing technology and a laser to scan and identify plastic items by their type. The robot then put them in the correct containers for recycling.

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  • RoboPong

    Newgy Industries developed a table tennis playing robot called Robopong. Used by professionals and disabled people, it can shoot balls at different speed, power and frequency.

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  • RURO

    RURO is an educational robot. It was designed to teach people in the present and future about recycling. This cute robot was patterned after anime cartoon mini robots.

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