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  • DARPA Robotics Challenge

    The DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) is a competition where systems & software teams compete to build robots that can assist humans in responding to man-made and natural disasters. The finals will be held June 5-6, 2015 at Fairplex in Pomona, California.

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  • Bluetronics

    Bluetronics deals with developing robots and automation products for industries and agricultural sector. We are specialized in ROS based robots for your custom needs. With over 4 years of experience

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  • Hospitale San Raffaele

    Located in Milan, Hospitale San Raffaele is an innovative clinical and diagnostic center that is involved in the ALIZ-E project, which aims at developing robots that can help people improve their communication skills.

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  • Idaho Ntl. Lab. Adaptive Robotics Program

    Groundbreaking robotics research is a regular part of work at the INL. The lab has an ongoing project of developing robots that have the ability to initiate sharing between human and robot, allowing the system to cope with changes in resources. The lab…

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  • KUKA Robotics

    By developing the first PC-based controller, KUKA Robotics made a significant impact in this field of science. Robotic systems can now be controlled and programmed to perform many different motions, making them usable in different circumstances.

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  • PRISMA Lab.

    Prima Lab is the robotics and automation group of the University of Naples. Together with other research partners, this Italian research group is working on many robotics projects all across Europe. And, one of these projects is the Dutch project to make…

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  • Vrije U. Brussel

    The University of Brussels was founded from a different university in the year 1834. With over 10,000 students, the university is currently involved in the international robotics projects, Viactors and Aliz-E. The idea of the project is to analyze and…

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    AIRobots is a new Dutch Robotics project aimed at developing robots that can perform as well in the air as they do on land. The robots are designed to be user friendly and the operator ideally receives visual and force feedback from the robot to control…

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  • Fantasia Robot

    Nautilus Hyosung developed a guide robot called Fantasia Robot. It can give directions to visitors, and its touchscreen allows to watch ads, check appointments and verify parking tickets.

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