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  • CIROS 2015

    The China International Robot Show (CIROS) 2015 takes place July 8 to 11 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai and is the official exhibition platform of the China Robot Industry Alliance and the top robot exhibition of China.

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  • NAO

    Built by Aldebaran Robotics, NAO is an interactive humanoid robot. With a height of 58 cm and a weight of 5 kg, the programmable robot has many uses in the fields of global research and education. The autonomous robot is used in several prestigious universities…

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  • Q.bo

    Developed by the Spanish company TheCorpora, the Q.bo is a robot platform for the development as well as progress of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It consists of a chassis, high quality mechanical parts and plastic covers. The Q.bo only contains…

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  • REEM

    Built by the Spanish company PAL Robotics, REEM-A is a humanoid robot designed to be used as a manipulation, walking, vision and speech development platform and play chess with the Hydra chess engine.

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  • WT

    The WT-1 is a robotic research platform that became the foundation for the development of cell phones. This research on also contributed to other language-based developments. The WT-1 is capable of data compression through transmission of human vocal…

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