About robots, robot development
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  • DOMO

    Humanoid robot Domo can perceive its environment and recall previous sensory experience. It was built to research how a robot interacts with stimuli. Domo even has eyelids.

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  • Smart Homes

    Founded in 1993, Smart Homes is a Dutch company that aims to develop and provide accessible, smart and understandable technology solutions for the personal living environment.

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  • Lil'Bot

    Lil’bot, the little robot that could, is a low-cost, open-source, Arduino-compatible balancing robot. It is ideal for learning to program, hacking and, of course, entertainment. Lil'bot can express some artificial emotions through an emoticon-like LED…

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  • Obrero

    MIT CSAIL developed a humanoid called Obrero. It fingers have sensitive tactile sensors along with position and force control which enable it to sensitively handle an object.

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