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  • Dr. Robot

    Dr. Robot is a remote presence robot designed to help physicians and patients stay connected. Through the Internet or a wireless network, patients and doctors can interact.

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  • HR

    The bipedal robot HR-7 was developed by Dr. Robot. It is the seventh HR model prototype. The HR-7 has some new features, including five fingers and new recharging technology.

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  • Dr. R.E. Cycler

    In 2011, Florida Robotics launched an eco-friendly robot, Dr. R.E. Cycler in 2011. This robot gets its energy from its own solar panel. It teaches children the rules of waste management. The robot also crushes aluminum cans of soda and other beverages,…

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  • Hawk

    Canadian robot the Hawk looks like a hawk and has a long claw. This versatile robot can play drums and serve drinks. The company hopes to make it cost-effective for end-users.

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