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  • AIDA

    AUDI and MIT have teamed up to create the perfect intelligent driving agent, Robot AIDA. He can respond to a driver's words and mood and make facial expressions. This robot can suggest the quickest routes with the least traffic for safer, faster travel.…

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  • LS3

    Developed by Boston Dynamics, LS3, also known as Legged Squad Support Systems, is a modern robot that can go anywhere. As soldiers and marines go on foot, the rough-terrain robots carry the heavy loads. They can automatically follow their leaders by using…

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  • NaviRobo

    Navi Robo is a crab-shaped navigation robot. It helps you know where to go and when to turn without taking attention away from the road. The claws vibrate and point the right way just before a turn should be made. Navi Robo is very beneficial to hearing…

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  • Pivo-kun

    Pivo-kun is the robotic guiding agent for Nissan's Pivo 2 electric concept car. It guides drivers using GPS, and keeps them alert by talking and nonverbal communication.

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  • Saika

    Japan’s Tohoku University developed a robot of the Saika series called Saika-4. It is a research platform for intelligent robotics, and has modem, gyroscope and motor drivers.

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  • SPC

    Speecys Corp's 1st humanoid robot, SPC-001 was built for research purposes. The serial ports of its 21 actuators interface with a PC's USB port using installed drivers.

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