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  • ABB Unveils Collaborative Robot: YuMi

    ABB has unveiled the world’s first truly collaborative robot: YuMi®, an Innovative and human-friendly, dual-arm robot with breakthrough functionality that unlocks vast global additional automation potential in the robotics industry.

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  • DexTAR

    DexTAR is a desktop dual-arm SCARA robot for research and educational purposes. It is a parallel robot designed mainly for pick and place operations.

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    Swiss company ABB developed a prototype robot called FRIDA (renamed to YuMi). It has a very versatile gripper that works with the mounted camera and is used for industrial assembly operations.

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  • Mr. SemProM

    Mr. SemProM is a 1.75m humanoid whose modifiable gripper-equipped arms and multiple cameras (including wrist cameras for fine manipulations) allow it to carry objects.

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  • YuMi

    YuMi, formerly named "Frida", is a dual-armed, small parts assembly robot designed to assist in the manufacturing of consumer electronics. It is being developed by ABB Robotics and is scheduled to hit the market on April 13, 2015 at Hannover Messe Germany.

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