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  • Locust Inspired Jumping Robot

    EPFL created Locust Inspired Jumping Robot which is a tiny robot which can jump very high. It has potential to be used in search and rescue operations and in monitoring environment.

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  • Robota Dolls

    EPFL developed humanoids called Robota Dolls which interact with humans using speech, vision and body imitation. They are used for behavioral studies on autistic children.

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  • Salvador DaBot

    Swiss EPFL developed an artistic humanoid robot called Salvador DaBot. Using software, it captures images, converts into vector art and draws the image using inverse kinematics.

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  • Swarm-Intelligent Systems Research Group

    The SWIS Group is a leading robotics research group in Switzerland. They focus on reinforcing the flow of ideas about Swarm Intelligence and adding to the education of interdisciplinary engineers and computer scientists. One of their goals is to create…

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