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  • Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems

    The CRES is USC’s robotic systems research unit. The center’s research engages over 60 physical robots, with research on mobile, humanoid, molecular, and re-configurable robots. Some of their notable projects include Sony robot dogs, the Beobots Chimp…

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    Working as an original design manufacturer (ODM), chess aims at designing and delivering innovative technological products.

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  • Embedded Systems and Robotics Lab. (RESY)

    RESY is a prominent robotics lab in Germany, where researchers study ways to prevent harm to humans and robots coexisting in dangerous environments. Using lectures, tutorials, internships and various projects, RESY helps to advance the development of…

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  • Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group

    The ISLA works on solutions to a wide variety of robotic issues. This group carries out both teaching and research in cooperative robotics. Along with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, they created the “A Framework”, which was used to maintain a shared…

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  • M2Control

    M2Control optimizes control systems for new and existing machines. It uses different software platforms and embedded systems to make minimal adaption and maximum enhancement.

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  • Technical U. Munich

    Germany’s Technical University Munich is one of the country’s top research universities and a member of the TU9 technology society. The school’s Robotics and Embedded Systems conducts ongoing research on the education of machines used for perception,…

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  • TU Delft

    Being one of the three technological universities in the Netherlands, the TU Delft aims at introducing new robot technologies that can work together with humans beyond confined industrial environments.

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  • TU Delft Robotics Institute

    TU Delft Robotics Institute is the leading center for robotics research in the Netherlands. Their aim is to introduce new and original robotics technologies that will enable humans and robots to work together in uncontrolled, unpredictable, real-life…

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  • U. of Southern California (USC)

    USC is one of the leading robotics universities in the U.S. The USC Robotics Research Laboratory works on projects in service and humanoid robots, among others, for everything from Homeland Security to environmental cleanup. The goal of the lab is to…

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  • Verhaert

    Founded in 1969, VERHAERT helps governments and companies to innovate. Being an integrated innovation center, VERHAERT has developed more than 500 new products over the last 40 years by connecting strategic, operational and tactical aspects of innovation.

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